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Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Drainage System Blockage - Free 3 Tips On How To Avoid Drain Blockage

Drainage System's Can Clog At Any Time Without Any Regard For Your Schedule. A clogged drain could lead to several hazards such as flooding, leakage, air pollution due to stagnant water in the drain and may even put your health at risk. But now, you can rest easy.

Anything from a build - up of debris, grease, tree roots or other small obstructions can lead to drain blockage. Clogged drainage systems can happen in both your house and in the main lines.

Check Out These Fourteen Tips To Help Keep Your Drain Maintenance In Check

1. Should you experience a minor clog, use a plunger. That should take care of it.

2. A couple of times every week, clear out the drain debris of your bath tub drain by raising the stoppers. Don't forget to wash the stopper before putting it back in the drain.

3. If You Suffer From Hair Loss, Ensure There Is A Barrier (Mesh) On The Plug When Washing Your Hair In The Bath Or The Sink You wouldn't let food just fall into the kitchen sink, so in the same manner, keep your hair from going down your bathroom pipes.

4. Consider brushing out hair before getting in the shower to cut down on drain clogging caused by loose hair.

5. Get a plumber to professionally install covers or debris catchers over your drains. Use A Non - Corrosive Bacteriological Drain Cleaner On Your Drains.

6. Prevent root intrusion in your drainage system by planting trees and flowers away from your pipework.

7. Go into a yearly contract with a drainage company, so that, even without calling on them, you can benefit from occasional inspections and servicing of your drainage system. Companies like Drainage Worcestershire in Worcestershire have specific packages for different periods. Teach and instruct other members of your house on drainage maintenance guidelines.

8. Avoid corrosive acidic cleaners. Over time, cleaners that contain chemicals will corrode your pipes.

9. You Drain Isn't For Any Kind Of Rubbish. Dumping materials into it is a no - no.

10. Do not pour the following down the drain cosmetics, medicine, condoms, hair, gum, rice, meat, coffee, fat, oil and grease.

11. In short, the only thing that you are supposed to allow down your sink drain is water For your toilet; water, urine and faeces.

12. You Can Use Your Wire Coat Hanger As A Hook When You Straighten It And Then Pass It Into Your Drain To Remove Debris That Accumulates There.

13. To avoid blockage caused by grease and oils, you should pour hot salted water down your sink.

14. There are many maintenance tips for your drains, these are just a handful; a few of which are alternative solutions. But, you must never use chemicals.

If you are still encountering drainage issues after you practice these tips and don not have access to a drainage company, do not worry about it. Rather, make the call for professional help if the issue persists. The specialists at Drainage Worcestershire are your best option if you live in or around Worcestershire.